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What products to use to clean my boxing gloves and how to clean them?

Sports gloves today can be called very popular and expensive boxing equipment. However, you need to choose such a thing wisely. Quality gloves from a well-known manufacturer will last much longer, so spend more time on your choice. But how to wash boxing gloves, because during training the hands constantly sweat, and all these bacteria gather inside, are absorbed into the material that these products consist of. Here are some products which I prefer for cleaning my gloves and ways to clean your gloves are in our article.

Dry clean

In addition to the washing machine, you can use the freezer to remove specific amber from the material of sports equipment. Take the equipment, seal it in a bag and leave it overnight. After time, unpack and dry well.

After complete thawing, the outside of the products can be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge with soapy water. And in order to soften the skin and prevent the formation of cracks, finally rub with glycerin.

Ways to eliminate bad breath inside gloves

If an unpleasant odor still arises after intense training, there are several ways that can help cope with this problem:

Deodorant and talcum powder: These funds quite well eliminate the smell of sweat. The funds should be applied to the hands, then put on gloves.

Vata with vinegar. A small piece of cotton wool soaked in vinegar must be put inside the glove for several hours. After this, the thing should be aired to remove vinegar odor.

Antibacterial spray: The item is processed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It may be necessary to reprocess the product. But in general, the method is considered quite effective.

Freezing: Putting gloves in a plastic bag, they should spend the night in the freezer. Cold copes with sweat bacteria. After the procedure, you must carefully dry and ventilate the product for several days.

Sterilization: Bactericidal devices perfectly cope with bacteria and odors. If one is available, it can become an indispensable assistant in maintaining the cleanliness of boxing gloves.

Moisture absorption

Bacteria multiply in humid conditions, so that boxing gloves do not stink of moisture should be eliminated.

  • To clean it, you can use any clean cloth, but preferably cotton or linen. Flax absorbs fluids well because it is an absorbent material.
  • Fill the product with a cloth and leave for a while. Then do a more thorough cleaning.
  • Another way to absorb moisture is to stuff it with a newspaper. A newspaper naturally absorbs moisture. Just crumple a few sheets and stuff products. Leave them alone for a few hours.


For the procedure, you will need an empty spray bottle, a clean towel, white or apple vinegar, water, tea tree oil or lavender.

It is not enough just to wash the products if they smell bad. Proper disinfection is necessary.

Saline solution

Soaking in saline overnight is a sure way to kill bacteria and remove stench. This method is considered the best alternative to boiling.

How to remove the smell from boxing gloves using salt correctly:

  • Fill the basin with warm water.
  • Add the usual fine salt. Wait until it dissolves well.
  • Put the equipment in the solution and leave it overnight.
  • Rinse in the morning with clean water and hang to dry.
  • Before use, do not forget to test. Salt can have a detrimental effect on tissue.


If the item stinks and you cannot get rid of the bad smell, try putting it in the freezer.

At first glance, freezing a pair of boxing gloves does not quite look like the perfect cleaning method. Be sure – this is a fairly popular and easy way, plus effective and safe.

If the gloves smell unpleasant, put them in the freezer for 2 days. Low temperatures kill all bacteria.

In addition, this method inhibits mold growth.

If the equipment is made of genuine leather, first place it in a sealed plastic bag for extra protection.

Antiseptic sprays

The two most popular disinfectant sprays that boxers use to clean their gloves are Lysol and Febreze.

Apply the product and let it evaporate on its own. This method will remove germs, you do not need to wash gloves, since the use of water is harmful to them.

Baking soda

This method perfectly destroys any odors. After a hard and exhausting workout, when you get home, fill your cotton socks with soda and put them in gloves.

Leave the tool in gear until morning. In the morning, just remove the socks and vacuum the gloves inside to remove the remaining soda.


Since prevention is better than curing diseases, take steps to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.

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