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How To Clean Your Boxing Gloves

During a match, boxing gloves are essential to protect their hands and the opponent’s face against superficial wounds, the problem is that bacteria and sweat can make them smell bad. By regularly cleaning and taking care of them, they can not only be cleaned and are free from bad odors, but also stay longer. To keep them clean, the first thing to do is make sure you dry them after each use, otherwise it will become a fertile soil for bacterial growth.

1. Clean and disinfect the gloves

  • Remove them from the sports bag as quickly as possible. When you use gloves, the bacteria in your hands are transferred to their inner surface. Bacteria feed on sweat and proliferating, so that odor is characteristic of dirty fitness equipment. Because the air does not circulate in the bag, it is a fertile breeding ground for bacterial proliferation. If you put them in the bag at the end of a meeting or training, put them in as soon as you get home.
  • Dry them. Immediately after removing them from the bag, dry them with a cloth or towel to absorb excess moisture. Wrap the hand with the towel and slide it into the matching glove. Rotate it to better absorb sweat. Repeat with the other glove.
  • Clean the inside of the gloves. After drying, clean it and disinfect it with a solution consisting of half water and half vinegar. Transfer it to a spray bottle and spray it several times in the gloves. You can use white vinegar or cider vinegar. For more antibacterial and antifungal activity, add 5-10 drops of melaleuca oil. Do not use aggressive sprays; these can damage the gloves and irritate the skin. Similarly, it avoid sprays that only mask bad odors without eliminating bacteria. They can also make the gloves stiff and uncomfortable.
  • Clean the outside of the gloves. Spray the vinegar and water-based solution on the outer surface. Use them sufficiently to cover each glove with a veil of product. Then wipe a clean cloth to remove dirt, sweat and solution residues.
  • Apply the conditioner. Many boxing gloves are made of leather, so they must be softened to keep them in ideal conditions. Leather is a product of animal origin, so it can dry out just like human skin. Many balms for leather can be found on the market, otherwise you can use essential lemon oil.
  •  To soften the gloves, apply a small amount of balm or a few drops of essential oil to the outer surface. Work the product with a lint-free cloth with circular movements. When done, give a clean cloth to eliminate the excesses. 

2. Let the gloves dry

  • Allow the gloves to air dry. Because the sweat and moisture in the gloves cause bacterial proliferation, it is essential to keep them dry to keep them dry. After you have cleaned the inside with vinegar and after you have cleaned the outside surface, let them dry completely.
  • Fill them with a daily newspaper. This procedure also helps you to dry them first. The newspaper absorbs excess moisture in the gloves and leaves them open to facilitate the passage of air. 
  • Use a hairdryer. If you have set up several meetings or training sessions in a short period of time and therefore it is necessary for the gloves to dry quickly, a hair dryer is suitable for you. Be sure to adjust this to emit a blast of cold air, as heat can damage the glove and harden the leather. 
  • Set the cold air jet and place the mouthpiece in the glove. Check the humidity every 5 minutes. Once it has dried up, repeat with the other.
  • Do not expose the gloves to the sun. Sun rays are undoubtedly effective for drying various items of clothing and underwear, but it is better to avoid them for boxing gloves. If you expose them for a short time, you can dry them and eliminate bacteria, but as with human skin, exaggerating gloves and leather can ruin.
  • If you want to dry them in the sun, do not leave them unattended and avoid direct sunlight. Do not expose them for more than 20-30 minutes at a time.

3. Improve the odor

  • Neutralize bad odors with baking soda. It is a universal deodorant, so it can eliminate bad odors in the gloves. Once dry, sprinkle a handful of bicarbonate in each glove and let it work for a few hours.
  • Use soothing wipes. After cleaning and drying the gloves, remove the fabric softener and wipe it inside. If you wish, you can also leave half a wipe in each glove until the next use.
  • Use cedar curls. Take a pair of clean cotton socks and fill them with a handful of cedar curls (which you use to smoke food or give an animal a nest). Gently tie the ends of the sock and slide it into a glove. 
  • Cedar oil will not only smell the gloves, they will also absorb the excess moisture and bacteria.
  • Use essential oils. They are great for perfuming everything, including boxing gloves. Some also have antibacterial and antifungal properties, so they help you to clean your gloves better. Pour 10 drops of your favorite into a spray bottle and mix it with 250 milliliters of water. Make 2 sprays in each glove. Here are some of the best antibacterial and antifungal essential oils: citronella; Eucalyptus; peppermint; Orange.

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