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Everlast 2260 Freestanding Reflex Bag

It is spring-mounted and you will find it easy to do the workout routine. If you wish to focus on the improvement of your speed, hand/eye coordination, and agility, then this is the best choice. The bag offers fun and great upper body workout for professionals.

You can just fill the base of the reflex bag with sand or with water and it provides an ideal level of resistance. You can also adjust the height of the reflex punching bag. This is the best feature since you can practice various different boxing techniques with this reflex punching bag. It is also easy to assemble this punching bag.


It has an adjustable height with spring-mounted design

The base is made up of plastic and it can be filled with water or sand

The reflex bag helps to build coordination.


It has plastic springs which can break sometimes.

  1. MaxxMMA Speed Freestanding Reflex Bag

This MaxxMMA speed freestanding punch bag is the best option for athletes who are looking to improve their tone, fitness, and speed. The patented step-less adjustable flexibility of this punch bag allows for the perfect punch which is what is needed to get the most from any punch bag workout.

The reflex bag was tested by rigorously punching it and bending it at the same point for 120,000 times and no issue was found.

This type of reflex bag has outstanding quality when compared to similar products. The bag has tension adjustment which allows the correct increment of reaction for precise feedback and flexibility allowing the correct increment of reaction. This bag is really perfect for novice boxers or fitness enthusiasts.


The height can be adjustable from 41 to 62 inches.

The patented tension adjustment is present and it provides a sturdy base

The reflex bag helps build speed and coordination


The assembling instructions are not clear. So people find it difficult to assemble the reflex punching bag. 

Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

The ringside fitness reflex bag is best suited for professional boxers. This reflex bag has spring in it which makes this bag move and swing less. So it helps you to have more control over the bag. 

The base can be filled up to 125-pound with water or if you prefer heavier you can fill it with sand and it becomes 240 pounds when you fill it fully. When you prefer sand, the base becomes ultra-stable.

The height of this reflex bag can be adjusted between 49″ and 69″. So when compared to the other reflex punching bags, the height variation is high and you can simply try different height.


It has an amazing swing rate.

It has a high base capacity.

The Adjustable height (49″ – 69″).

You can easily clean it with wipes.

What should you watch out for when training with a reflex punching bag?

It is important to think about your starting position before you start the first training session on the floor. Each boxer has a leading hand and a beating hand. The leading hand is usually the weaker hand. The beating hand, on the other hand, should have more power and precision.

The training on the reflex punching bag has many positive effects. You can use it for your additional endurance training, work on your technique or train for flexibility.

In order to have the correct starting position, the leading hand and leg on the leading side should be closer to the reflex punching bag. The hitting hand and the respective leg should be at the beginning in about 45 degrees away from the position. In this position, you have an optimal balance.

Which accessories are useful?

The reflex punching bag also has useful accessories that should not be missing. The reflex punching bag with stand is generally included with every delivery. The things which are not included are an anti-slip mat or matching boxing gloves. Some reflex bags come with boxing gloves.

1) Anti-slip mat:

Training always produces sweat. So you should not slip on your own sweat, it is advisable to use a suitable anti-slip mat. It even improves grip and prevents injuries when slipping.

2) Boxing gloves:

A classic accessory is the boxing gloves. These serve primarily as protection for hands and wrists. Meanwhile, there are also special punching bag gloves, which differ somewhat from the original. They are lighter and narrower. Ultimately, however, they should protect against injuries. The upholstery is made of solid foam.

3) Boxing bandages:

Bandages can be worn under the boxing gloves. They give extra protection and cushion the boxing gloves. Due to increased flexibility, the bandages are often used in professional fights.

4) Boxing clothes:

Those who train should pay attention to suitable clothing. These include boxing shoes. The advantage is breathable functional fabrics. Pants and shirt absorbs the sweat and ensures to get rid of the moisture fast. Boxing is available in different shapes and colors. Do not exercise barefoot just because it gives you more freedom of movement. Especially the sweat can quickly lead to tripping.

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