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It is easy at first sight to believe that boxing is simply a sport where only punches really matter. This discipline requires much more than just hitting his opponent. Much of the technique in this sport lies in the footwork hence it is important to wear good pair of boxing shoes. Because it is just as important to avoid punches as to give them.

For a good practice, choosing the right boxing shoes is necessary to get the most out of your performance. Boxing shoes are one of the most important and personal pieces of the boxer after his boxing gloves. Well adapted shoes allow the boxer to move with absolute control as well as a good footwork more explosive and better anchoring.

It is an equipment that is often overlooked by beginners, but professionals are far from random. Do not consider your boxing shoes as an expense, but rather as an investment to reach your true potential.

It is not so easy to choose the best pair of boxing shoes, it should be light, comfortable, durable and give a good feeling of the ground with a good grip. A quality set that is not usually found on a pair of medium sneakers. So, the difference between a pair of quality boxing shoes and a pair of poorly fitting sneakers is huge.

What are the benefits of wearing good shoes for boxing?

First, many beginners may be tempted to wear other sports shoes made for running, basketball or other sports, which is unfortunately not a good idea and could even hurt them. Wearing real boxing shoes makes a big difference in performance. In fact, this is probably one of the easiest ways to instantly improve the performance of a novice boxer.

Wearing a shoe designed specifically for boxing can be more comfortable in the basic positions of boxing and move more freely. And so, if you are able to move better, you will have more speed and power.

The important characteristics of a good boxing shoe

If you want to buy a good pair of boxing shoes, you should check these crucial points before buying.

Adhesion and pivot

Swivel and grip are two basic essentials that you need to check before choosing a pair of shoes. The problem with the ability to pivot and stick is that these two features are somehow opposite. In other words, the stronger the grip, the weaker the pivot.

Basically, swiveling amounts to moving around the same axis. It is usually a rotational movement that is often determined by the swivel foot (usually the foot in front of your position). This movement can be used for multiple purposes; dodge in a way in which you can counter-attack, or simply turn to create an angle of attack.

The motion is to slide your non-swivel foot to adjust your posture and angle. As you can guess, this whole concept of sliding and turning is not very effective when the texture of the outsole and the grip do not allow these movements. This means that on a boxing shoe too much grip is not practical to perform certain movements and that not enough will make you slip too easily. It is therefore important to find an optimal balance between grip and the ability to rotate when you choose boxing shoes.

The thickness and texture of the sole

 The thickness of the sole is all too often underestimated on a boxing shoe. Yet they have a real importance on the boxer’s abilities to balance, move, rotate and even punch. Of course, everyone has different tastes, so you can see so much difference in the choice of shoes when it comes to the thickness and texture of the sole.

Thicker soles provide better foot protection and more cushioning of the heel but the boxer feels less contact with the ground, which can have a negative influence on mobility and balance. Thin soles, on the other hand, allow a much better feeling of the surface.

Some veteran boxers consider that barefoot performance is better, but it is a matter of preferences. The fact is that the smaller the sole, the greater the balance. It’s the opposite with a thick sole. In contrast, the main disadvantage of a thin sole is a lack of cushioning and assistance at the heel that can reduce endurance.

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