Who Uses Kettlebells



“Everything starts from the toes in MMA and extends all the way to the hands. Cleans build that power.” Frank Shamrock

Kettlebells are very popular among professional athletes, fire fighters police workers and special force members. They need a system that builds strength and endurance. They also need to burn fat and control body weight while building cardiovascular health (the leading cause of on duty firefighter death is heart attack). Simply stated, firefighters and emergency service workers need a system that will improve their ability to operate.

The elite of the US military and law enforcement instantly recognized the power of the Russian kettlebell, ruggedly simple and as deadly and effective as an AK 47. You can find Pavel’s certified RKC instructors among Force Recon Marines, Department of Energy nuclear security teams, the FBI’s hostage Rescue Team, the Secret Service Counter Assault team, etc.

Basically anyone can benefit from kettlebells and the RKC system is an excellent method for building a solid foundation of mobility, strength, endurance, power and body awareness that is available to most people, regardless of they athletic ability. Kettlebells are awesome for fat loss and muscle toning due to the incredibly intense workout they provide while keeping your metabolic rate revved up. All this translats to more calories burned at rest. Kettlebells work the body as a complete unit which improves functional fitness enabling you to cope with daily physical tasks with more ease, less fatigue and fewer aches, pains and niggles. Kettlebells are very effective in developing muscular strength and power which is particularly useful for everyone from laborers to competitive sports people looking for an edge.


Kettlebell training requires a strong degree of stability when pushing, pulling, swinging and pressing which translates to a super strong core, improved posture and reduced injuries. The back, glutes and hamstrings play a key role in many of the lifts, promoting a stronger back that is more flexible and better able to cope with lifting awkward objects.

Some of the benefits of kettlebell training:

  • Fat Loss and Toning
  • Functional Fitness
  • Conditioning, Stamina, Endurance
  • Increase Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Build Muscle
  • Strong Back

People who have never done any sport can gain benefits quite quickly.
They lose weight and get toned muscle, better condition ETC. Especially those who do a desk job with an aching back can strengthen their lower back, lose the pain and can get better daily activity.

Very popular among MMA fighters. They need outstanding conditioning, speed, power and endurance.

  • Frank Shamrock – King of pancrace and Ultimate Fighting Champion
  • Fedor Emelianenko – Heavy weight UFC champion with hes kettlebells.
  • Kostya Tszyu – Australia’s own World Boxing Champion Kostya Tszyu has been enjoying the ultimate workouts and mind blowing benefits that only Russian Kettlebell’s can give for years!
  • Welterweight UFC champion BJ Penn uses kettlebells to ramp up his muscular endurance for killer MMA battles.
  • The benefits of kettlebell training having even reached Hollywood as actor Ed O’Neil well known for his role as Al Bundy on the hit comedy sitcom “Married With Children” (Imagine Al doing Kb snatches!) is a big fan of kettlebell training.


We see Rocky condition and toughen himself with a series of brutally unusual workouts, involving massive chains, barrels and the mysterious Russian kettlebell. And without giving away the ending, it is clear that Rocky’s choice of training methods was a resounding success.
sylvester stallone