Self Defence

“What is the most effective in self defence? “ I get this question sometimes. What to do always depends on the situation, the person, what the surrounding is. In Muay Thai Boxing not so many rules in the fight is very realistic I think one of the best martial arts for self defence. You only have one rule in self defence. Survive the situation safely and not to win a fight.

But I would like to share some “rules”

  •  You are not superhero. Don’t try to do a punch or spin around kick just because you have seen a Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan movie or your favourite UFC fighter done something spectacular in the cage.
  • You need to escape without getting hurt and not to win a fight
  •  Stay calm
  • Know your limits
    These are some simple rules for self defence.

At my private sessions I teach some techniques what work well and can’t use in the ring or competition.
I have been doing martial arts over 20 years (kung fu, muay thai, boxing, bjj) and I was working for many years as a bouncer security and body guard. At these sessions I share my experiences for self defence!

On our classes next to the Thai Boxing combinations we are practicing some other situations too for self defences!