Circuit & Bjj classes

New Tuesday classes in Langley at the East Berkshire College! On Tuesdays 8-9pm circuit training with Laszlo and BJJ from 9-10.30pm with Attila! Circuit training with Laszlo is going to be great if you want to get a full body workout what is based on kettlebell, ownd body weight and TRX excercices! Get a great[…]

Carlson Gracie bjj Langley

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class on Fridays at 8pm! Big step forward because with Thai Boxing you can make your art, self defence skills better and you’ll be able to fight not only stand up but on the ground as well! Great to build hood stamina, condition, mobility and coordination!

New years resolution

Happy New Year first of all. New year new goals and lots of people has new years resolutions. It is okay but what do you need to get your goal? First of all if you want something why are you waiting for a new week, month, year? If you want something get a plan to[…]

Thai Boxing for beginners

If you are practicing Muay Thai Boxing and you want to try yourself in competition the best to start with some interclub fights. You have the same feeling just like at the competition but the referee wants to keep the strength level equal and keep the technical details in focus! When we are going there we[…]

Flexible Steel event in Newport

StrongFirst family is big and strong, and good to see how many people doing the same thing the same way all around the world, if we are talking about kettlebell training, barbell, own body weight, the StrongFirst system brings the best out of you during short time! I was waiting for this event for a long[…]

21/05/2016 Kettlebell seminar

We had a great kettlebell seminar in Langley ( Slough) Small group but very strong people with! We did good GFM    (ground force method) for warm up and joints mobility! What did we do? swings, TGU, press, snatch,  double kettlebell swing, double clean, double press, double squat, and man maker at the end! TGU[…]

Basic For Martial Arts

If you start any Martial Arts you learn the first time the foundation of the chosen one like punches, kicks, footwork, breathing! Let’s talk about something what is important independently from which Martial Arts you do. If you do Boxing, Karate, Taek won do, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu these principles are very important and[…]