Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt

I’m practicing Martial Arts since 1986 started with Kung  Fu, Boxing, Thai Boxing and actually I tried to learn all the things what is effective in a real situation and makes me better and stronger all the way I need to be!  I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu approximately in 2002 in Hungary ( I know[…]

Kettlebell for the healthy body and mind!

I know many people who want to change something in they life but they can’t and they make excuses always! ” I need to loose some weight, I know what I should do but…….”  ” I know I have a bad posture because of sitting at the office, I have a bad back pain too,[…]


  Here is a stretching program if you want to improve your flexibility.  This is free to download and use, I hope you’ll find useful and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact me. This program I can recommend from beginner to advance level and your benefit is coming as much you[…]

Semmy Schilt seminar in Langley

On 15th of October was the first seminar near to London (Langley) with the legendary 4 times K1 world champion Semmy Schilt! It was organised by the Global Full Contact Martial Arts organisation what foundation is put down by K3 Kyokushin Fight team an Thaifight Kettlebell London                 The[…]

park training

Hi Guys, We are sorry to let you know that the Absolutely Fitness Gym in Langley is going to be closed for the whole week due redesigning the whole gym. That is why our Classes of Monday and Tuesday are NOT going to take place but upon good weather we could keep the Wednesday, Thursday[…]