I’m Attila Varga I have been doing martial arts since 1986 ( muay thai, boxing, brazilian jiu jitsu/Brown belt).

Muay Thai Boxing is well known as one of the most effective stand up fighting system for competitions or self defences. I opened my first school for Muay Thai in Hungary in 1994. I worked nearly 10 years in Hungary as a doorman, bodyguard and security guard and I’m sharing my experience for self defence or how to handle a situation. I Came to the UK in 2004 and have been teaching Muay Thai Boxing ever since. I’m also purple belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu at the Carlson Gracie London BJJ club so I like to mix the stand up fight with ground work!

I’m big fan of the strength training too and I’m StrongFirst level 2 instructor! I’m teaching how to use kettlebells to get strength, explosive power, loose weight etc!

If you want to know more about StrongFirst check it here!

I’m also available for Functional Movement Screening! ( FMS) More information about FMS!