Flexible Steel

For Martial Arts or any sports where you want to do explosive movement, strength and flexibility especially very important! For speed you have to keep your muscles loose, for strength you have to keep them tight, to get the good benefit! You can be Martial Artist, baseball, basketball, football etc.. player, tension and relaxation is the key for success! Everyone need flexibility, mobility for healthier life not only for sports so Flexible Steel program is actually very beneficial for everyone who want to live healthy and strong life. You can get the basic flexibility ( loosed shoulder, toe touch, ankle mobility, ) what you need, or if you a kicker at any sports learn the way how to kick higher, stronger and better. With isometric stretching you can learn how to become strong and flexible at the same time, and forget the tight muscles!

The benefit of Flexible Steel

  • You’ll be able to touch your toes easy ( not a bad thing if you want to be able to tie your shoes when you getting older)
  • No tight muscles
  • Loosed shoulders (If you are sitting a lot, and you have tight shoulders and neck this is a great way to fix it)
  • High kicks ( if you are doing any combat sports you know what I’m talking about)
  • Splits ( not important for everyone, but if you need you can get closer than ever)
  • You can feel the progress in just couple of minutes

For who?

Everyone need flexibility and mobility for the pain free healthy life, some people need more some less! A high level athlete, Martial Artist need more flexibility than an office worker, not everyone need the splits, or high kicks but everyone need pain free movements.

I think the minimum requirement is with the neck up and down ( touch the chest with the chin, and look up ) left-right ( look over the shoulders) with shoulders the ability to keep arms over head without arching the back, toes touch!

On our Thai Boxing and Kettlebell classes these drills are integrated to the class, and private classes also availableT

Be strong, and Flexible at the same time!