Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian jiu jitsu is one of the most realistic martial arts what is focused mostly on grappling. Do you want to learn more history? click here!

BJJ is also called to “gentle art” where a smaller person can learn how to defend himself or herself against a bigger stronger opponent by using leverage and techniqes! BJJ is also great for self defences, for security guards, bouncers, etc because easier to get control over an striker and take him out from the place safely!

The Bjj is great to get all around fitness,

– Psychological characteristics (mental toughness, emotional calm, etc…)
– Technical characteristics (knowledge of moves and their strategic execution)
– Fitness characteristics (strength, power, speed, endurance)

  • Get mobility,
  • flexibility,
  • self defense
  • confidence
  • muscular strength & endurance
  • stress release
  • to learn new things keeps your mind always ready
  • strengthen problem solving skills
  • get new friends in a friendly environment