Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt

I’m practicing Martial Arts since 1986 started with Kung  Fu, Boxing, Thai Boxing and actually I tried to learn all the things what is effective in a real situation and makes me better and stronger all the way I need to be!  I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu approximately in 2002 in Hungary ( I know some of your question is  “what was taking so long?” actually I had an elbow operation about 13-14 years ago and still can’t keep my right arm fully straight, my kids were born, and always something was more important than chasing the next belt level) I never was interested in the belts, but I was hungry for the skill  what need to get the next level! I’m with Carlson Gracie London club since 2004, and it was very unexpected when my world champion friend and coach called me out of the line and gave me the brown belt!


Whipping after got the belt! I was lucky wasn’t many many people in the class 🙂


I’m on this path for a long time and I’m still hungry to learn new things and  get new skills! I think one of the most important thing in life is to learn and use the skill to make others life easier and better! This is a individual and team sport at the same time! Everyone has to fight they own battle with the opponent and own feelings, but without training partners you can’t push yourself to the best!


Thank you for my coaches, my friends and training partners to get this level. And thank you for my students and friends to come to train with me! I’ll do always to do my best to give the best!

My plan is to make Brazilian Jiu Jitsu popular in Langley (slough) and  with Thai Boxing and the kettlebell class you can have everything under one roof! Stand up fighting, ground fighting, and strength conditioning!