Kettlebell for the healthy body and mind!

I know many people who want to change something in they life but they can’t and they make excuses always! ” I need to loose some weight, I know what I should do but…….”  ” I know I have a bad posture because of sitting at the office, I have a bad back pain too, but ….”If you realize something goes wrong , you should change immediately! ” I want to train some Martial Arts but before I’m running for couple of weeks to get better condition! WHY? Don’t wait, go to the gym and learn Martial Arts, train with kettlebells, free weights and your strength, stamina and technical level improving together!


Lets have a look on these pictures! The person at the desk in the office probably sitting 8-10 hours daily for years. What is happening? His posture getting bad he makes stronger the top across syndrome, what means the scapula stability getting weeker, chest goes in, shoulders forward! This position is a very big stress to the neck, shoulders and the back! Sooner or later the T spine and the lumbar spine getting painful, the neck and the shoulders getting sore!  The other picture on the person has a perfect straight squat position just like a baby! The problem is, if you sitting down to a chair every day 500 times you just overwrite the movement pattern of the squat what is very similar and sooner or later makes tight the ankles, hips, shoulders!



Okay, what to do then? First of all keep practicing the unconditional of human movements like dead lifts, squat, push, pull, loaded carrying , hips hinge!


To learn the goblet squat with kettlebell is a very beneficial way because you can use the kettlebell as a counter balance! When you feel easier and better, you can try some variations for the dead lifts, and the squats! The squat is one of the best fro hips mobilization too!




The perfect squat! Knees following the foot lane, hips under the knee level, straight back and posture!



Get stability and core strength in bridge position too! Strong shoulders, back, core, good for the shoulder mobility too!


Once you mastered the squat and dead lift you can try some great variation to get more benefit! When you learned already how to swing, and to do the TGU /turkish get up/ good to learn some movements over head too! This movements are advanced so don’t try at home.


Farmer walk, and double kettlebell swings!



The basic of all the kettlebell drills is the kettlebell swing! Good for the posture, you can get burn more fat than you imagine. If you are sitting all day you can forget the back pain because of the kettlebell swings, makes the deep lower back muscles strong, and you learn how to activate the glutes what takes the pressure from the lower back! If you are a fighter, or you need good condition at any sport of yours the kettlebell swing with you can get an outstanding stamina, endurance and strength!




The first and most important thing is! Don’t learn from youtube, I know is very popular today, ” I want to learn something and check what is on youtube”

  1. Lack of knowledge you can’t be sure which video is good and which one not!
  2. you have to be checked when you learn the basics anyway easy to get injury, or the result isn’t coming you working for!
  3. Be sure you practice well. If you do something wrong you practice the mistake!
  4. Check the website and read articles, see videos there instead youtube!

Thank you for your attention, if any questions you may have free free to ask I’ll do my best to answer and help!


Attila Varga

Thaifight Kettlebell London

head coach