Benefits of Muay Thai Boxing


After a good class I was just sitting on the mat with one of my student and we talked about the benefits of Muay Thai Boxing  and when someone starts to train hard sooner or later they start to feel some of them!


Good habit

First of all everyone has different goals to get. Someone wants to loose weight, others learn to self defense and get into shape, get good stamina & endurance etc. One of the most important and first thing when you start to train is changing,  you’ll get a new habit! Even easier to fix a bad habit if you change to a good one. Muay Thai training is developing good habits with regular practicing! After the first 2 weeks you can realize you are able to move more and more. You’ll have more focus on the good quality of the movement! Regularity is very important because you have experience in the things what you practice!


Lean muscles

After couple of weeks you feel movements easier, punch and kicks better and stronger on the pads or heavy bag! Your shoulders get stronger even just keeping your fists up at your chin for minutes without dropping them, you’ll change the fat percentage of your body and will get leaner muscles with lots of work like skipping rope, pad work, bag work, drilling with partner! In 8-10 weeks you can already see very serious body transformation! 



How we say it at StrongFirst for the kettlebell training, ” if you are stronger everything is easier” This is true for Muay Thai Boxing too. Your arms, legs and core going to be much stronger. Lots of strength conditioning drills  like push ups, squats, abs, weights, kettlebells or TRX just making you stronger and able to use more power without getting tired!


Focus – concentration 

Imagine an empty room where you get an instruction like go to one corner to the other one, there is no problem. Try to do the same thing with lots of people in the room.  This is the same when you concentrate on something and your mind is full with unnecessary thoughts! The mind is gets cleaner after a while and easier to keep focus longer on 1 thing without loosing concentration. Reflexes, rhythm, coordination balance also improving!

mobility – flexibility – stability

With stretching and mobility drills you increase the motion of range what is very important to the kicks! Hips mobility, hamstring and groin flexibility are not improving  overnight takes some time, but you remember what was the 1st? Regular practicing like a good habit and the time is coming! If you didn’t use foam roller yet here is the good time to start!


Stress release


Everyone knows how is how stressful is a week at work or any elsewhere or stressed because of the bills. If you have a place to leave the stress behind you minimum 2-3 times a week everything is easier! Punching the bag hard as much you can, sparring with others and being able to take punches and kicks makes you confident and stronger physically and mentally!


Meeting with other people

With regular training you’ll be part of a little community! Training with others who is on the same mission like you is great and makes you better in every part of life!


Of course there are much more benefits, I just tried to share with you some important once what are my experience is or I got as a feedback from my students!


Attila Varga