Semmy Schilt seminar in Langley

On 15th of October was the first seminar near to London (Langley) with the legendary 4 times K1 world champion Semmy Schilt! It was organised by the Global Full Contact Martial Arts organisation what foundation is put down by K3 Kyokushin Fight team an Thaifight Kettlebell London






The principle of the Global Full Contact is very simple. All of the Martial Arts and combat styles which one is based on real combat situation and real contact we try to make more popular for a better an healthier life!

Semmy Schilt who is 4 times K1 world champion, and fought in UFC, Pride fight and Extreme Pancrace has experience in many way of the real fight. Don’t forget he is a 6th degree black belt in Kyokushinkai karate too!

First of all the person behind the fighter is amazing and when we started he created a great atmosphere already with the warm up games and the techniques what he showed us. It was brilliant to see how different Martial Arts practitioners like Thai boxers and Karatekas are working together and help each others.



We were practicing lots of basics punches, kicks and combinations with lots of small details so I think everyone learned a lot there! As I said he is a great person so during the brake he shared some of his stories with us, and he was helping everyone a lot.

What amazed me most is the person who is Semmy Schilt behind the legendary fighter. After the seminar we went a local restaurant and we were talking a lot from fighting, training and family! You can be a living legend, you can get to any high level the most important is who are you!


Thank you for everyone who were there and hopefully see you noon again


Attila Varga