If there is a date you should keep in your mind if you are practicing any Martial Arts and want to improve your stand up skills is 15th of October! Semmy Schilt is coming to the UK in Langley ( Berkshire) to show some of his combinations, principle of his approaching to the stand up fight, what is a great opportunity for everyone to learn from a big champion!

Semmy Schilt is a 4 times K1 world champion,He is the only fighter in K1 history to win the world championship three times in a row, and also shares the record with Ernesto Hoost for most Grand Prixs won, with four. And yes he is one of the biggest and not only because of his skill but his size as well  (2.12 m (6 ft 11 in) he has spectacular appearance! He was professionally fighting in K1, Kick Boxing, and MMA ( UFC & Pride fight) so if you are a K1 fighter, or you need stand up fight for MMA he is the person who can help you a lot!


This seminar is organised by

GFCMAO – The Global Full Contact Martial Arts Organisation is a full contact organisation, meaning we place the emphasis on achieving effective solutions in any given environment; the street or the tatami, cage or dojo.

Why choose us? Because we provide opportunities for other styles, clubs or organisations to learn about one another, and hold trainings or seminars together and invite each other for unified competitions.

GFCMAO is free of any political agenda and is open to all martial arts.

The founders of GFCMAO have been walking along the same path in the last 10 years and only have one remaining thing to prove in the martial arts field: that every style is beautiful if it manages to give useful knowledge in the dojo or the street.

Come join and build with us!


Any questions you may have feel free to contact us and hopefully see you there!


East Berkshire College, Station Rd, Slough, SL3 8BY @ Absolutely Fitness Gym  ( 10 minutes from Heathrow)