Circuit & Bjj classes

New Tuesday classes in Langley at the East Berkshire College!

On Tuesdays 8-9pm circuit training with Laszlo and BJJ from 9-10.30pm with Attila!

Circuit training with Laszlo is going to be great if you want to get a full body workout what is based on kettlebell, ownd body weight and TRX excercices!

Get a great results in short time and challenge your body with mixed cardio and strength training!

Circuit training is a method of resistance training, or weight training, that maximizes the volume of work done in a short period of time. Circuit training is a great tool to use for people who are interested in weight loss, muscle gain and overall strength increases.

Laszlo is StrongFirst level 1 instructor and he knows well what you need to do with kettlebells, TRX, and own bodyweight to get your goals!

  • to weight loss
  • change body composition
  • get lean muscles
  • strength improvements
  • aerob fitness improvements


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class on Tuesdays at 9pm to 10.30pm / with Attila/

BJJ is one of the most effective martial arts and after the first UFC in 1993 everyone realised how important a good ground fight system next to a stand up style like thai boxing, kick boxing, etc. Bjj is also develops great mobility, flexibility, strength and cardio at the same time and helps you to get in shape and become more athlecic! BJJ not only a sport, martial arts or self defence system this is a lifestyle. Teaching confidence, teaching to never give up just keep going, teaching you to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to the limit!

With lots of positions and movements probably the most sophisticated martial arts on the planet and also called for human chess!

  • self defence
  • flexibility & mobility impovements
  • confidence
  • weight loss


All levels welcome on these classes, if you have any questions about them don’t hesitate give us a call or just come along and take the classes then!

See you on the mat