Flexible Steel event in Newport

StrongFirst family is big and strong, and good to see how many people doing the same thing the same way all around the world, if we are talking about kettlebell training, barbell, own body weight, the StrongFirst system brings the best out of you during short time!

I was waiting for this event for a long time and I’m so happy to get the opportunity to attending finally! The event name is FLEXIBLE STEEL! Sounds great I think! How you can be strong, and flexible at the same time? Probably everyone knows some people who just so flexible and has great motion of range, perfect mobility but not strong enough, of course the other side is typical, when someone is very strong but not able to tie the own shoes, tight shoulders, hips, harmstring etc. no motion of range! Strength and good mobility, flexibility is important for the healthy life, not only for sports, of course if someone is doing any sports, or physical activities  need more strength and flexibility!

The best thing is, the next time when I was teaching I tested some drills on my students and the result was great. Everyone felt the kicks easier! One of my friend had a tight muscles next to the shin bones, so I tried to fix with the same principle of stretching and it was working great!

Is very beneficial for everyone to get the right flexibility, especially if you practice any Martial Arts or combat sports, makes your life easier when you want to do high kicks. Okay but not everyone is doing Martial Arts ( should do :o) what is the benefit then? If someone has sitting work at the office with a bad posture, back pain, tight shoulders, hips, with the good work all of this fixable.

Stay strong, and be flexible than, like Flexible Steel!



DSC_0910with Jon Engum 7th degree Taek Won Do grand master

playtime on the bar