Basic For Martial Arts

If you start any Martial Arts you learn the first time the foundation of the chosen one like punches, kicks, footwork, breathing! Let’s talk about something what is important independently from which Martial Arts you do. If you do Boxing, Karate, Taek won do, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu these principles are very important and if you understand them your basic is getting stronger! What is the different between amateur and professionals? Of course the professional has more combos, more techniques but what is more important is the basic! The professionals has rock solid stance, balance during movement and able to win a fight with basic movement too.

Balance & posture

“You cannot shoot a canon from a canoe” Everything is posture and balance. If you loose your posture you loose your balance and you’ll be vulnerable. To keep good balance during movement requires good footwork as well to get in and out of range to get option to hit the opponent and get back to avoid to get hit! With simple combos where you strike from nose to to toes you’ll get advantage to get the opponent unbalanced and more vulnerable! The stance has to be strong anyway the punch is loosing from power (like a canon from a canoe) you need strong base to the movements!


The way with basic movement to change distance and angle with the opponent, to keep balance at the same time. The step is very important simply the same foot steps first which direction want to move, more moves on the balls on the feet and not on the full sole!


Explosive power requires explosive breathing. Movement and breathing always has to be coordinated. Probably you never seen a good footballer who kicks the football through the entire football field and with soft light breathing. When you doing an explosive movement at the beginning keep muscles loosed for speed and at the and tight for power!

Explosive movement

What does it mean a movement is explosive? not only fast but explosive? Actually the movement is getting faster from the beginning to the end. The acceleration in a short range makes the movement explosive!

I could write even from these things much longer but I try to keep simple these principles!